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Breed History
Guidelines for Potential Owners
Breed Standard
Living with a Pharaoh
Owned by a Pharaoh
Club Open Show Results
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Patella Luxation
Judges Criteria
Judges List
Code Of Ethics
Club Books - For Sale
Guest book & Links
Champ Show Results 2019

Pharaoh Hound Championship Show 2019.

Best  In Show – Annatefkah Tumaini

Reserve Best in Show - Ch. Antefa’s Yosofin

DCC - Annatefkah Tumaini

BCC - Ch. Antefa’s Yosofin

Best Puppy in Show – Estrella Feerica Valencia Dezi To Ynchreenoo (Imp Rus)

Best Veteran in Show - Ch. Lyncris Good Day Sunshine for Kurriera.

Placings & Critiques

Our Judge; Marie Richmond -

Thank you everyone for the lovely entry. 33 years ago I never even dreamt of judging let alone a Club Champ Show.

I was disappointed that we had to resort to using the hall, we tried to make the ring as large as possible, for those who don’t like running to much you at least must have been thankful. Some dogs coped well others didn’t shine.

I am a tad worried about the breed at the moment, most hounds had good fronts, pasterns and typical feet. There were plenty with nice heads with well placed ears set on good clean necks. Although there were some ewe necks, I think/ hope that some of this was down to presentation, a Pharaoh naturally holds its head fairly high, it doesn’t need to be held vertically, it causes a dip in the back of the neck, not the required arch which then leads on to a rough juncture over the withers. There were a lot of hounds with clear daylight between point of elbows and brisket. Some of this was down to steep angulation with no return of upper arm. Some had good front angulation, with poor rear angulation and visa versa, both resulting in restricted movement. But what worried me the most was there were quite a few hounds with to much dog beyond the Ischeatic Tuberosity,  it was causing a dip in some  top lines. It may look flash but it’s not typical Pharaoh Hound! Moderate is the Pharaoh! Breeders beware of this creeping into the breed whether its construction or presentation, it’s harmful to the breed. A Pharaoh at the trot is supposed to move like it costs it nothing in effort. The further back it’s paws, the longer the dog takes to bring its rear forward to drive it on.

Class 1 Special Veteran D/B 7-9 Years 5/5

1st Ashby & Cappelare’s (B) Ch. Lyncris Good Day Sunshine for Kurriera.

Good head with good plains & well placed ears. Has correct body to height ratios, croup and tail set.  Moved out well, with grace and ease, held her top line. A well balanced bitch. BVIS

2nd Mr & Mrs Dawson’s (D) Lyncris Here Comes The Sun.

A large male. Good typical head set on good length of neck, but today sadly it didn’t flow over the withers. Good for depth and moderate tuck up. Covered the ground well. Another well balanced dog.

3rd Three Moons Shooting Star.

Res Ch. Islephar Strike A Pose At Ynchrenoo.

VHC. Ch. Annatefkah Bennu.

Class 2 Special Veteran D/B 10 Years + 2 , 1 Abs

1st Ashby & Cappelares,  Talkaccatur Christmas Star.

Has an attractive head with well set ears, set on good neck. Her angulation is a bit steep but it is in balance with her  rear.  Movement a bit restricted in front. Tail of good length, enjoying her day.

Class 3  Special Beginers Dog. 0/0

Class 4  Puppy dog. 2/2

1st Fletcher & Merryweather’s  Estrella Feerica Vittorio to Ynchreenoo (impRus)

Well off for bone, Blunt wedge head, good ears, Good top line and well set tail. Good profile movement, loose coming and going.  Okay for body to height ratio, moderate tuck up. Rough coat and ewe neck detracts from overall picture.

2nd Mr S D Mifsud Aramif Louis The Third.

A very fine dog all through. Fine head,  good ears, neck flowed into good top line (when stacked). Sadly didn’t move out with confidence, leant on the lead. Think the hall didn’t suit him.

Class 5 Junior Dog 1.1

1st Mrs C M Worrels  Liltar’s Niju Monarch Bluesmurf (imp Rus)

Nice head plains but ears a little low set. Arched neck flowing into good top line. Straight front, feet need to tighten. Croup a little steep.  Movement hard to access, he was very enthusiastic to get going but due to being strung up was leaning heavily on the head. Glimpsed some good movement going away once the tension was taken off the lead.


Class 6  Post Graduate Dog. 1.1

1st Mr &Mrs Watsons  Batman Flys Over Xandsari

Well presented dog, well off for bone, straight front,  muzzle plains a little off, well placed ears, rear angulation not as good as front,  which can be seen in his top line on the move, which rises in front of the loin.


Class 7 Limit Dog 3/3

1st Mr B Playfair’s Habiba Ra Harmachis at Saqqara ShCM

Liked this dog’s type and balance.   Blunt wedged shaped head, with good under jaw, set on good neck. Good body to height ratio. Straight front and good feet, well muscled and good bone. Moved out well holding  his top line. A bit of a fidget when stacked.

2nd Fletcher & Merryweather’s and Evteever’s Reedly Road Rochlyn to Ynchreenoo

Nice head with well placed ears, straight front, good feet, would like a bit more depth and length to loin. Croup a little steep, tail just reaches hocks, this shows on the move too. Moved out well.

3rd Franco Nero Arsinoe To Jechemo (IMP)


Class 8  Open Dog. 5/4

1st Mr & Mrs Reynolds Annatefkah Tumaini

This dog has great presence, not at all bothered by the hall. Has well placed ears a blunt wedge shaped head with good under jaw, well arched neck which flowed on to good top line on to a well set tail. Good depth of chest down point of elbows which are held close. Ribbed well back. Nice tuck up. Plenty of forward drive on the move once handler gives him his head and matches his speed held his top line. Didn’t stop showing all day. DCC & BIS

2nd Mr S Hansen’s Multi Ch. Bazinga A Storm Of Swords

Has a lovely head, good ears, set on good neck, although a little long in body has good angulation front and rear, nicely set tail. Moves with reach and drive in profile, not so positive coming and going as class winner. RCC.

3rd Ch Kurriera Orlando At Lynchris

Res Ch Annatefkah Tum

Class 9 Puppy Bitch 2/21st Fletcher & Merryweather’s Estrella Feerica Valencia Dezi to Ynchreenoo (imp Rus)

Although head plains a little off has good blunt wedge head and good ears, set on a nice clean arched neck flowing over the withers onto good top line. Good balanced angulation front and rear. Well off for bone good depth. Moved well for age. Would like a better coat.  BPIS

2nd Mr & Mrs Lloyds Doucai’s Helu Faruna of Athanasius

Attractive head in profile with well set ears, expression spoilt by light eyes. Would like a lot better depth.  Her  rear angulation is so steep she was rear high causing her top line to run down hill to shoulders. Movement very restricted and the top line didn’t level off.

Class 9 Special Beginners Bitch 0/0


Class 10 Junior Bitch 2/1

Mr S Hansen’s Bazinga Flaming Star

Like this young bitch for her balance and type, no exaggeration, nice blunt wedge shaped head, she was a little unsettled and was reluctant to use her ears at first, nice arched neck, good depth and body to height ratio, correct balanced angulation front and rear which showed in her movement. Pulled it all together in the challenge. Unlucky to meet best bitch today. RCC


Class 12 Post Graduate Bitch 3/3

1st Hartley & Cannon’s Kurriera Sapphire Queen

Good head well set ears, well arched neck and good top line. Would like a little more depth. Her angulation was in balance. Movement was free and easy in profile. Well carried tail on the move and when stacked.

2nd. Ashby, Cappelaere & Samway’s Kurriera Krystal Amethyst.

Litter sister to 1 and much applies to both. My notes said ‘hard to split these two’. It came down to knit picking. I thought 1’s  had  better head and  angulation.  To me Amethyst is a little rangy. But these two are closely matched and could change places on another day.

3rd Tal KrawsAramif  (Imp Mlt)


Class 12 Limit Bitch 5/5

1st. Mr & Mrs Lloyds Anthanasius Astorte.

Liked this bitch for her shape. Has nice head set on a lean neck. A little loose in elbows coming and going caused by her front angulation being slightly forward.  Profile movement was good, well held top line. Would like a little more depth and slightly better angulation. Typical Pharaoh feet. Pulled it all out in class line up. Where she was allowed to stand naturally allowing me to glimpse a flowing out line.

2nd. Fletcher, Merryweather & Hall’s Vaskurs Queen L Qiwidotter to Ynchreenoo.

A heavier set bitch than 1. Okay head ear set a tad low. Good depth & Body to height ratio. Good angulation. Moves well. Overall picture spoilt by head being held at near vertical, leading to rough juncture over the withers, concave rear neckline, ewe neck in the front.. This cost her, the class.

3rd Kurriera Olivia De Haviland

Res Litlar's NijuZhizn V Udovolstvie (Imp Rus)

VHC Three Moons Shooting Star.

Class 14  Open Bitch. 5/4

1st.  Mrs Morris handling for A. Lundqvist-Hemstrom Se. Ch. Antefa’s Yosofin

A lovely bitch with no exaggerations. Has a very good typical  head with well set ears & under jaw. Good length neck which flowed over the withers and top line, onto correct slope of croup with typical tail, carried well. Good depth and ribbed well back, moderate tuck up, good angulation fore and aft, with good sweep of stifle. Stood on good feet and pasterns. Moved well in all directions. BCC & RBIS

2nd. Mr S Hansen’s Multi Ch. Bazinga Behold The Dragon’s Inferno

Good head well placed large ears, set on long neck. Nice top line. Straigtht in front but stood wide. Good depth of brisket. Good angulation and hocks. Well muscled. Free and easy movement. Preferred  this girls angulation to 3’s rear angulation.

3rd Ch BazingaDesert Dragoness

Res Annatefkah Tahirah



Junior Handling  3/3

1st. Miss Grayse Fletcher Merryweather, completely at one with her dog. A bright future in  store.

Marie Richmond

Other Classes

Class 15 -

1st Ch Kurriera Orlando At Lynchis

Class 16 Special Non Champion Stakes

1st Litlar's NijuZhizn V Udovolstvie (Imp Rus)

2nd Batman Flys

Class 17 Special Open Stakes Dog or Bitch

1st 20 Ch Islphar Strike A Pose At Ynchreenoo

Class 18 Progeny Dog or Bitch

1st Ch Lyncris Good Day Sunshine For Kurriera

2ns Ch Annatefkah Bennu

Class 19 Brace Dog or Bitch

1st Miss J Harthill

2nd Mr G & Mrs C Dawson

Class 20 Team Dog or Bitch

No entries.


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Winners 2018
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Photos by Graham Reeve.