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Breed History
Guidelines for Potential Owners
Breed Standard
Living with a Pharaoh
Owned by a Pharaoh
Crufts Show Results
Patella Luxation
Judges Criteria
Judges List
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Club Books - For Sale
Club Goods
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Judge Mrs Brenda Herbert (Darusmar)

The Pharaoh Hound Club

Open Show 1st October 2015

Venue: Baginton Village Hall, Nr Coventry


BIS Reynolds -   Annatefkah Tumaini

BD Reynolds -    Annatefkah Tumaini

RBD Thomas - Annatefkah Thoth at Rubasu

BB Thomas - Ch Annatefkah Thema at Rubasu

RBB Reeve - Ch Annatefkah Bennu

BP Hartill - Franco Nero Arsinoe to Jechemo NAF TAF

BV Simm’s - Ch Ezhar the Colonel's Legacy ShCM (Imp Swe)





Results and critiques


Class 1 Veteran Dog (1)

1 Simm’s Ch Ezhar the Colonel's Legacy ShCM (Imp Swe)


1st Simm's Ch. Ezhar The Colonels Legacy. 9 years old in top condition very free on the move

excellent head and strong upright ears, dark eye. Strong neck into a solid body not overly

muscled nice turn of stifle not over stretched ,Best Veteran Dog, & Best Veteran in Show.


Class 2 Sp Beginners Dog (2 - 1 abs)

1 Collin’s & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Dallas Maverick


1st. Collin’s & Dunhill Hall’s Fantasa Dallas Maverick 8 months old. Nice size and well set up

youngster. Good head and muzzle, lovely straight front and good top line and turn of stifle. Just needs

to mature.


Class 3. Puppy Dog (4)

1 Hartill’s Franco Nero Arsinoe to Jechemo NAR TAF

2 Cole’s Doucai's Iben Zeijtun

3 Collin’s & Dunnhill-Hall’s Fantasa Dallas Maverick

4 Johnston’s Tal 'Kraws Back to Business


1st Hartill’s Franco Nero Arsinde to Jechemo imp. 8 months old, Just moved better than 2nd place.

another quality youngster good head and dark eyes ,ears set high, well bodied for age looked good in

profile, kept top line on the move.

2nd Coles Doucai’s Iben Zeijten 9 months old. Sired by Veteran dog. Lovely puppy slightly bigger

than first but all together. Nice head and ears held high., strong muzzle and correct bite. Well

angulated stifle, good muscle tone, kept topline when moving.


Class 4 Junior Dog (2 – 1 abs)

1 ColeDoucais' Star Tal Rabat


1st Coles Doucai’s Star Tal Rabat. 9 months old.Stood alone nice profile eyes a little light should

darken with age , Strong head good expression lovely reach of neck good muscled body straight front,

moved well


Class5 Post Graduate Dog (1)



Class 6 Limit (3 – 1 abs)

1 Thomas Annatefkah Thoth at Rubasu

2 Whitworth’s Annatefkah Teremun


1st Thomas’s Annatefhah Thoth at Rubasu. 4 years old .This dog was bred for hunting strong head

and ears,dark expressive eyes, excellent shape and well musled .looked good in profile and moved

out with purpose.Reserve Best Dog.

2nd.Whitworth’s Annatefhak Teremun 4 year old brother to first.very similar in outline and

Same strong head and muzzle correct dentition dark eyes good earset stood well but did not move as

well as 1st. Fit for purpose.


Class 7 Open Dog (3 1 abs)

1 Reynolds Annatefkah Tumaini

2 Reeve Annatefkah Tum


1st.Reynold’s Annatefkah Tumaini 4 years old. Very Smart Dog fully mature in peak condition well

groomed .Super head and expression .dark eyes Clean neck and front nicely ribbed and good

muscled back .Well presented and handled well .Could run all day. Pleased to give Best Dog & Best

in Show.

2nd Reeve’s Annatefkah Turm,. Slightly smaller than 1st head and strong ears, dark eyes, good bite,

straight front, well angulated neck and shoulders, good rear end, moved well.


Class 8 - Veteran Bitch (1)

1 Reeve Ch Annatefkah Bennu

2 Lloyd Birkhall Bintanath of Athanasius ShCM

3 Hartill Ch Islephar Strike a Pose at Ynchreenoo

4 Thomas & Hartill Islephar Tia Sitre

5 Davis Threemoons Shooting Star

A very hard class to judge 5 quality bitches all presented in top condition.


1st Ch. Annatefkah Bennu 7 years old .Beautiful elegant btch Lovely head and expressive

eyes good front and straight legs nicely ribbed not overly muscled just right stunning in profile

moved out and back true.

2nd Lloyds Birkhall Bintanath of Athanasius 8 years old Smaller bitch than 1st, a lovely bitch,

feminine head and ears dark eyes ,straight front, nicely ribbed ,stood and moved well.


Class 9 Special Beginners Bitch

No Entries


Class 10 Puppy Bitch (3 1 abs)

1 Cole & Dodd Ta'Fazolu Lucija Tal Doucai

2 Hartley & Cannon Kurriera Sapphire Queen


1st Cole & Dodd’S Ta’Fazolu Lucija Tal Doucai imp 10 months old lovely young bitch dark red

colouring very pleasing to the eye very neat head and muzzle good dentition ,dark eyes nice front

.straight legs to small tidy feet looked good and moved out well.

2nd Hartley & Cannon’s Kurriere Sapphire Queen 7 1/2 Months A lovely baby could change

places with l any time another quality bitch All together nice head and ears good reach of neck

and well laid back shoulders ,nicely bodied moved and shown well.



Class 11 Junior Bitch (2 1 abs)

1 Cole Ta Skonju Miss Dingli tal Doucai (Imp Malta)


1st Cole’s Ta Skonju Miss Dingli Tal Doucai 15 months old well presented in good coat lovely

clean lines, feminine head and small ears on top of a slender neck leading to a fine boned body

.Very smart moved and shown


Class 12 Post Grad Bitch (3 1 abs)

1 Lloyd Athanasius Astorte

2 Thomas Omorose Hotep Born for Rubasu


1st Lloyd’s Athanasius Astorte 6 months old, Beautiful little girl another feminine bitch

Small ears on a slender head with a good muzzle and bite .dark eyes good reach of neck into

A lightly muscled body level topline stood and moved really well for 1st show.

Reserve Best puppy in Show.

2nd Thomas’s Omorose Hotep Born For Rubasu 3 years old lightly shown little girl.

Another dainty feminine bitch ,lovely head and good ear set expressive dark eyes

Not overly muscled neat little bitch needs confidence in the ring showed and stood beautifully,


Class 13 Limit Bitch (3)

1 Cole Ta Skonju Gawra of Doucai (Imp Malta)

2 Reeve Annatefkah Tahirah

3 Davis Threemoons Shooting Star


1st Cole’s Ta Skonju Gawra of Doucai imp 2 years old another quality bitch from this kennel

smaller bitch dark red in colour dark eyes lovely expression ,ears up high very alert ,straight

front not overly muscled .good turn of stifle ,moved and shown well.

2nd Reeve’s Annatefkah Tahirah 4 years old Slightly bigger than l Nice head and expression

dark eyes ears set well on broader skull ,good bite moved okay but did not seem really

interested in being there a long day


Class 14 Open Bitch (4)

1 Thomas Ch Annatefkah Thema at Rubasu

2 Fletcher Merryweather & Sieger Killarney's Haeartland B Like Brooke Shields (Imp Deu)

3 Morris Ch Annatefkah Tabitha Anharbn

4 Thomas Serenaker Cierzo at Rubasu


1st Thomas’s Ch. Annatefkah Thema at Rubasu 4 years old This Bitch stood out in the class

lovely head and expressive dark eyes ears held high. Good bite, shoulders well placed, strong

quarters, moved out with purpose. Best Bitch & Reserve best In Show


Junior handler 12 – 16 years old

1st and Best Junior Handler – Kirsten Holmes


Brace 4 1 absent

1st Miss J Hartill

2nd Mr & Mrs Thomas

3rd Mr G Reeve


We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to Brenda Herbert for her judging on the day and for supplying us with her critiques so promptly.