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Breed History
Guidelines for Potential Owners
Breed Standard
Living with a Pharaoh
Owned by a Pharaoh
Club Champ Show Results
Crufts Show Results
Patella Luxation
Judges Criteria
Judges List
Code Of Ethics
Club Books - For Sale
Club Goods
Guest book & Links
Championship Shows 2018
Open Show 2017

The Pharaoh Hound Club Open Show is sponsored by:


Judge Miss Jenny Dove


The Pharaoh Hound Club

41st Single Breed Open Show

2nd October 2016

Venue: Baginton Village Hall, Nr Coventry


Best in Show & Best of Breed:  Dawson's  Ch. Kurriera Orlando at Lyncris

Reserve Best in Show & Reserve Best of Breed:  Morris's  Ch. Annatefkah Tabitha Anharbn

Best Puppy:  Clifford’s Doucai’s The Colonel’s Star

Best Veteran:  Dawson's  Ch. Lyncris I'll follow The Sun



Best Dog:   Dawson's  Ch. Kurriera Orlando at Lyncris


Reserve Best Dog: Richmond's  Ch. Naqada Shaken Not Stirred

Best Puppy Dog: Clifford’s Doucai’s The Colonel’s Star

Best Bitch:  Morris's  Ch. Annatefkah Tabitha Anharbn



Reserve Best Bitch:  Dawson's  Ch. Lyncris I'll follow The Sun

Best Puppy Bitch:    Absent





Veteran Dog:   No Entries


Special Beginners Dog:

1. Ruff’s  Serenaker Aquilo


Puppy Dog:

1. Clifford’s Doucai’s The Colonel’s Star


Junior Dog:  No entries


Post Graduate Dog:

1. Whitworth's   Annatefkah Teremun


Limit Dog:  2 Absent



Open Dog:

1. Dawson's  Ch. Kurriera Orlando at Lyncris

2. Richmond's   Ch. Naqada Shaken Not Stirred

3. Reeve's    Annatefkah Tum

Res Dawson's    Lyncris Here Comes The Sun

VHC Hartill's    Islesphar Joy to Jechemo



Veteran Bitch:

1. Dawson's    Ch. Lyncris I'll Follow the Sun

2. Ashby & Cappelaere’s Talkaccatur Christmas Star Over Kurriera


Special Beginners Bitch:

1. Hartley's    Kurriera Olivia De Haviland



Puppy Bitch: 1 Absent



Junior Bitch: 1 Absent


Post Graduate Bitch:

1. Ashby & Miss M. Cappelaere's  Kurriera Tamara De Lempicka

2. Hartley's    Kurriera Olivia De Haviland

Limit Bitch:

1. Reeve's  Annatefkah Tahirah

2. Ashby & Cappelaere's   Lyncris Dizzy Miss Lizzy of Kurriera ShCM

3. 4. Davis's     Three Moons Shooting Star

Open Bitch:

1.Morris's  Ch. Annatefkah Tabitha Anharbn

2. Reeve’s Ch. Annatefkah Bennu

3. Ashby & Cappelaere's  Ch. Good Day Sunshine for Kurriera

Res. Harthill’s Ch. Islephar Strike A Pose At Ynchrenoo


1. Reeve

2. Ashby & Cappelaere


Junior Handling:

Class 'A' 6 -11 years      No entries

Class 'B' 12 -16 years     No entries


Results 2015

Open Show 2017

Judge’s Critique

Lovely show, well run with very enthusiastic, sporting exhibitors.  Pleasing entry.  I thoroughly enjoyed by day and very happy with my top winners.  On the whole the bitches just had the edge on the males for quality and soundness.


Special Beginners Dog (1)

1st Ruffs Serenaker Aquilo.

Mature Masculine nearly 4 year old.  Well bodied with good overall balance and length.  Side movement steady but a little wide in front and loose in pastern,  good hind angulation and hind movement.  Will never hit the high spots but lovely temperament and well handled.


Puppy Dog (1)

1st Clifford’s Doucai's The Colonels Star.  

Well grown 10 month old youngster, handsome head correct expression and ears, good length of neck, nice top line length and tuck up.  Well bodied with moderate bend of stifle.  Still a little unsettled in front movement.  Tends to wear his front assembly too far forward, should come with maturity.  Unfortunately stood alone in the Best Puppy challenge as no Puppy Bitches entered.


Post Graduate Dog (1)

1st Whitworth’s Annatefkah Teremun

3 year old male, excellent outline with good depth and length.  Good front and hind co-ordination, nice tail and set, would like just a little more balanced head, good ears and set.  A little loose and unsettled in  front movement and still a bit weak in pastern.  Just out moved in challenge for Res. Best Dog.


Open Dog (5)

1st Dawson’s Ch Kurriera Orlando at Lyncris.  Super 23 month spec yearling. I loved his head and expression, correct ears, long neck into well laid shoulders, good front fore chest and feet, well bodied with good depth, excellent overall balance, good hind angulation sound easy mover.  Excellent type and style.  Best Dog and Best in Show.


2nd.  Richmond’s CH Naqada Shaken Not Stirred

5 years more mature hound.  Slightly bigger overall than above, has excellent overall confirmation and great type, at first glance was my winner but just a little reluctant to make the best of himself on the move.  Excellent hound who was much happier, unfortunately, after he had left the ring.  Reserve Best Dog.


3rd Reeve’s Annatefkah Tum


Veteran Bitch (3) 1 Abs


1st Dawson s Ch Lyncris I’ll Follow the Sun.

Lovely graceful hound who is looking really well at nearly 11 years.  Powerful bitch who has excellent overall type and balance.  Looked good standing and moving, obviously passing her excellent qualities as she is the grand dam of the BIS winner.  Pressed hard for Best Bitch.  Best Veteran and Reserve Best Bitch.


2nd Ashby & Cappeleare’s Talkaccatur Christmas Star over Kurriera.

8 years old, smaller than above ad also rather outshone by her classmate.  Pretty head end expression but no the overall bone and substance.  Preferred movement of winner.  Lovely temperament.


Special Beginners Bitch (1)

1st Harley’s Kurriera Olivia De Haviland.  23 months and slightly apprehensive today.  I liked her head and expression, great ears, well bodied with good depth.  A little steep in fall away which restricted her drive behind when moving and needs to tighten in front but still very immature.


Puppy Bitch (0)


Junior Bitch (0)


Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1st Ashby & Cappeleare's Kurriera Tamara De Lempica.  

23 month old litter sister to Spec Beg Bitch.   Also still immature but a very well constructed youngster, sound easy mover, shows a lot of potential and promise for the future.  Well handled and presented I liked her a lot.  Not dissimilar in style to her litter brother.


2nd Harley’s Kurriera Olivia De Haviland

As above


Limit Bitch (3)

1st Reeve;s Annatefkah Tahirah

Excellent 3 year old one I shortlisted in the group at LKA when she was only 17 months.  She has matured into a fine hound and I like her excellent style and presence.  Today she just needed to lose a little weight which can only enhance her lines.  Excellent handler who got the best out of her.


2nd Ashby & Cappeleare's Lyncris Dizzy Miss Lizzy of Kurriera ShCM. 6 18/2 year old n her prime,  actually slightly preferred her head to above, she has a lot to like about her but not the front angulation and easy movement of the above.


3rd Davis Threemoons Shooting Star


Open Bitch (5)  Nice class with a few different styles all quality exhibits 1 absent

1st Morris Ch Annatefkah Tabitha Anharbn

Another lovely hound, litter sister to limit winner, mature well constructed throughout.  Super ty0pe and well bodied. Good front and hind co-ordination.  Sound throughout but not as settled in the challenge for BIS but won Best Bitch amongst hot competition Res Best in show.


2nd Reeves Ch Annatefkah Bennu

6 year old mature bitch, taller and heavier to above but has excellent overall balance in great muscular condition.  Looked great standing but would like a little less weight.  Another quality hound from this very consistent kennel.


3rd Ashby & Cappeleare's  Ch Lyncris Good Day Sunshine for Kurriera


Brace (2)

2 good pairs but the first just took the honours as they were just so similar and then discovered they were mother and son.

1st Reeve

2nd Ashby & Cappeleare


Jenny Dove