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If you are someone who is experienced with this breed then perhaps you may have space for a Pharaoh Hound who needs a loving home either permanently or by being able to temporarily Foster.

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond the control of owners ie: A death in the family, recession/loss of home or the Pharaoh Hound has ended up with owners who do not understand this special breed and the breeder cannot be traced. Then re-homing is required, please contact our “Breed Rescue” coordinator to register your interest in re-homing/fostering a Pharaoh Hound.

If you have not had Pharaoh Hounds before but are aware of Hound Breeds, before you consider fostering/re-homing would you please read our pages on this website, thank you.



I need a forever Home


Her name is Cleo, she is KC registered, birth date 16.01.17 so will be 7yrs old in January ‘24. Would suit an experienced hound home where she is the only dog with no cats or children as she’s not been assessed with either. Likes chasing a ball, not so keen on bringing it back. Likes an off lead run in a secure field/environment and enjoys a walk full of sniffs which doesn’t need to be a long walk. Travels well in a car and loves people.

Cleo has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations

Thank you to all those who have offered a Pharaoh Hound a “Forever home” and a special thank you to those who are able to foster

Dog Name 2

pet name
7yr old Cleo
is still looking for her new forever home
Would suit a home where she is the only dog, or with a well rounded older dog that would give her the space to adjust to them. Likes a spot on the sofa and in the evening/at night to be near her humans. Walks well on the lead, likes to sniff everything so not necessarily a fast paced walk. Loves to run off lead after the ball in an enclosed dog field or well fenced garden. Can be left on her own with tv/radio on; 2-3hrs is where comfortable at the moment. Doesn’t like loud noises/fireworks and would suit a more rural home as not used to heavy traffic/busy streets. In Foster home currently but is quite anxious around the other dog in the house and not settled/relaxed. KC Registered, fully vaccinated. Hopefully she finds her new home soon.
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